I am Mahsa Shayan

An Interdisciplinary Designer



I am Mahsa Shayan

An Interdisciplinary Designer

My Recent Works

Here are a few recent design projects.

Digital Design

I am a multidisciplinary designer, I design and worked as a freelance UI-UX designer. I design responsive and user-friendly websites for personal portfolios and businesses.

Web Design

I design and create WordPress websites which are easy to understand and use, while has an appealing modern look to give a great experience to your website visitors, customers, and clients .

UI/UX DEsign

I can give you some UI/UX consultancies about positive and negative features of your current website, application, or any other interface and help you to improve the “user experience” side of your project.

Design Process


Finding the intersection between the stakeholders and customers goals.


Finding different possible scenarios for achieving the common goals

User journey

Analysing and defining the acting process of the users through the interface, considering the start and end point.

wire framing

Creating the prototypes to achieve and improve the best scenario and get the approval before the final design.


Creating the high definition design as the final operative interface.


testing the design, to find out the pain points that users face while working with the interface, to improve the final results.


If you are a micro/small business owner and looking for some innovation to improve your business, Eco-design is a new way of looking at the processes within an ecosystem, after accurate analysis and defining new relations, come up with some systemic innovation to prosper the business.



I will find some fast and easy solutions that enable you to reuse the waste part of your activity, as a new resource in connection with your business ecosystem to decrease the environmental impact and increase the income.

Design Process


Studying the activity and the territory which provides physical, social, cultural and virtual space for the exchanges with other activities; to have a holistic view of the project.


Analyzing the different activities, people, and the way they interact together and with the environment; to understand both quantitative and qualitative critical points of the current system.


Designing the new system based on the quality of the output of each activity, which will be the input for another activity (just like natural processes); this is how new relations form and system innovation emerges.

About me 

I am a Systemic designer and UI/UX designer; I can analyze, solve the problems, and redesign the complex systems and translate them into simple words. My Design approach is human-centered design. I always use research to find the answers and solutions for different problems and issues.

Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology. Steve Krug

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